Layered - The Work of Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers' work gets my vote for some of the most interesting sculptures using fabric out there. This from her site:
"Within my artistic practice, I maintain an interest in exploring the space between the two- dimensional and three- dimensional, hybridizing painting, printmaking and sculpture. I feel my work is dependent upon various processes, such as cutting as drawing, the relationship between deconstruction and construction, and the inherent malleability and vulnerability of my chosen materials, namely fabric and paper."

via Booooooom!


  1. Her works are very interesting. Does this mean that my shelves stacked with my fabric stashes are art? I hope so cause that way I can justify buying more. ;-)

  2. Becky - Absolutely! All my piles of stuff are definitely art! Thanks for the comment.

  3. OOooOOooooOOo this one is kinda mesmerising!


  4. I've been back to look at this 3 times!!! I keep thinking about it. Why do I keep looking at it?!

  5. Teresa - I feel the same way. There's something sort of comforting about her work for me. Especially that smaller piece.