Parliament Design

Oh yeah, I'd work there. Check out the modern yet warm/spare but cozy world headquarters for Parliament Design. These guys got it right in so many different ways.

Raise your hand if you drooled a little bit when you saw that table with the typewriter on it. Yeah, I thought so.

via mnml blog


  1. yes, so awesome! i saw them a while back on design*sponge, and i had to blog about it myself too.

    if you visit their website, you'll see that they did much of the design of the interior space themselves using mostly reclaimed and salvaged materials.

    it really seems like the kind of atmosphere where you can just sit back and let the creative juices flow.

  2. LIfe Adorned - Agreed. It's the kind of creative bunker I wouldn't mind being stuck in.

  3. Is that partition wall made of logs? Awesome.