Best of the DudeCraft Flickr Pool

Whoa! I am way behind on showcasing reader's work. Apologies to all for the long wait and a big thanks to you for uploading all of your amazing projects!

Sweet papercut by PaperKutz

Max by Kebatronic

Beautiful photo from A Sense of Place

Pick Your Ride from Good Gorilla

Amazing Phone Box stamp from Eraser Carver

RDJ from Bernie Levine

Another amazing Jewelry piece by Wendy at Hammermarks

Cross stitch by Ptolemy Clark

Mountain of Cupcakes by Felted Chicken

Braille Pillow by Schinders

Bleach Stencil by Raygun Robyn

DIY plumbing Rack by Pudtiny

Customized headphones by Batzy

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  1. Its all fantastic and inspiring work.
    The photo from sense of place is really great and the bleach stencil rocks!
    Thanks for sharing Paul.

  2. Happydacks - I totally agree. Awesome work here. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This is such a great collection! I love the Robert Downey Junior.

  4. Thanks for featuring my mustache cross stitch! I'm an avid reader and often find myself linking to you in my posts. One of these days I'll attempt a paper portrait (love that tute!)

  5. flamgirlant - My pleasure. Gotta love the 'stache.

  6. thanks for the shout out paul! as always, love to read your writing.

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my telephone box print - I had so much fun carving that :) Great collection of work from everyone.

  8. schinders and eraser carver - It's my absolute pleasure. Y'all rock.