Paper by the Pound- Le Creative Sweatshop

A few months back, I featured some nice advertising pieces by Le Creative Sweatshop. Yesterday, I found photos of this incredible series of windows they did for a department store in Palermo. Ridiculously cool! These kids are officially off the chain.

via NotCot

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  1. Any kind of paper manipulation and creativity = very good!

    Have you seen this yet:

    also, sorry about the jjones.........of course pjjones didn't play with Basie.

    BTW, back in the day, my next door neighbor was Larry Vuckovich, who played piano with Jon Hendricks' Evolution Of The Blues on Broadway in SF. It was amazing and although I was too young to get in, he took me to Keystone Korner and saw Dexter Gordon, Leon Thomas and a few others. He was also the club piano player..........Cheers!