Japanese Scooter Mods

Every time I see a post with the words "Japanese", "vehicle", and "modification", it's a dead certainty I'm going to click and go check it out. I am rarely disappointed and these things are no exception. They must be hell to ride, but they sure are (ahem) pretty.

More over at Visboo


  1. The scooter scene in Japan is off the hook. While we have some amazing custom shops in LA and Hawaii, they don't compare to The Land of the Rising Sun.

  2. Really though, that is some impressive work. The paint job in the second pic is amazing!

  3. Tim - Heard 'dat. Japan seems to be the land of "spare-no-expense" mods. Thanks for the comment!

    Mr. Stranger - Totally agree. These things are frickin' amazing! Thanks for the comment!