On The Road - Savannah Day 3

More downtown action today, including the Jepson Center, where the stand out attraction was a retrospective of the reclusive collage artist, Aldwyth. She's seventy-two and lives in a one room tree house on Hilton Head island. How cool is that? Also, she happened to be there so we got a chance to talk to her a little bit. Fascinating lady.

I was also really digging on a set of two paintings by Georgia artist, Corinne Colarusso. Radiant Night is pictured below. Big, big canvas. Really impressive. I love the feeling of her stuff.

After the museum, we headed over to the Owens-Thomas house and and we're shown around by a really great tour guide named Marty, and although Regency stuff isn't really my bag, the house was impressive and Sharon loved it because she's all about the Jane Austen vibe.

Today, it's off to see gators!


  1. is there a sharon guest post in the future?! enquiring minds... ;) (HI SHARON!)

  2. Sorry to heard the SCAD store was expensive. What are the kids doing with the money nowadays, sheesh