Stained Glass Test Pattern

I'm not a huge fan of stained glass. I've got nothing against it, really. I totally respect the craft. I just don't seek it out. But, this morning I finally found a piece that I would gladly own. So simple. So me.

Pop on over to Web Urbanist to see a whole gallery of geeky stained glass masterpieces including Star Wars, Mr. T, and, of course, Mario.


  1. I love things that combine humor and social commentary (and sometimes blasphemy. See: South park, Bill Hicks, etc). The humor of a stained glass portrait of Mr. T making a mudra gesture is obvious. It's also a creative way to pose the question: does our society worship celebrities?

  2. On my long list of things to do, is a lead light window each for my kids with their names 'tagged' graffiti style. I think this could look really cool!

  3. Caroline - Too true. Thanks for the comment!

    Happydacks - Aw. That does sound really cool. I bet they'll love those. Thanks for the comment!