Steamy Workstation

Some would say that Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum are in need of a steampunk intervention and, if you were to look at their house, you might agree. However, you'd have a hard time hating on this steam-driven workstation. Check out these details:
Everything decked in for the Command Desk compilation is authentic Victorian antique. Then be it the inverted Chapel organ pipes mounted on the wall behind the setup, or the all-in-one workstation desk completed in 3 monitors, printer, scanner and webcam, of course the keyboard and other peripherals included. The Victorian Organ Command Desk besides the aforementioned, has a iPhone doc, horn speakers on either side, USB and card media readers, a scanner under the keyboard, a clock face flanked in 6 LCD digital picture frame displays and a pair of coach lamps with neon flicker bulbs for all that ambience required.

via Neatorama

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  1. That is so gorgeous! i love the lil lcds on the front!