Stitch 'n' Glitch

I'm loving the stuff artist, Ehren Reed is producing these days. I especially love the way she marries paper with embroidery, the digital with the physical. This from her site:
"My process employs digital media reinterpreted through stitching and embroidery, creating works that develop a conversation between the ethereal world of technology and the hand-hewn physicality of craft."

via Crooked Brains


  1. I LOVE embroidery on substrates that surprise you. It really makes you stop, look, and ask yourself, "how did she do that?" Pretty awesome.

  2. CraftyRichela - Couldn't agree more. I'd love to have one of these pieces. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I looooove this. Geez, I feel like everywhere I turn lately I keep seeing amazing textile art, and it's all so inspiring. I've got ideas in my head for things I want to make, and I've got to find the time to start them!

  4. Mallory - Isn't that always the way? So many ideas, so little time. Thanks for the comment!