Bicycles That Look Like Bicycles

Thank goodness someone has the good sense to make bicycles that look like, well, bicycles. Being a classic bike fan and a bit of a bike design snob, I'm getting a little fed up with design school attempts to improve on what is already the perfect vehicle. To me, building a new and "improved" bicycle is like remaking the film Psycho, completely unnecessary. Lucky for us, Abici and Note Design Studio know this and act accordingly.


  1. My daughter very much wants a bike like these. But I'm guessing that they're pretty pricey.

    Cool, though.

  2. I was surprised by the number of vintage bikes that were on Craigslist when I was in DC from Jan-Apr. Mostly older Brit bikes and a majority womens bikes but it was still cool to see.

  3. Wendy - Yeah, and these are only available in Sweden. Plenty of nice, similar, vintage bikes on Craigslist though. :-)

    FlamingAtheist - Ooh! I wish NC was as rife with vintage English goodness as DC seems to be!

    Thanks for the comments!