Bike Related

The onset of Summer always means that I get a yen for bike related projects. This year, I'm revving up the sewing machine and trying a few new patterns I found. Perhaps you'd like to sew along.

First up, I found this cycling cap pattern by Flickr user, Panda Face. By far, the most elegant of these that I've seen. Download the pattern here.

Second, I'm going to put together a pair of these Thai Fisherman's Pants in a knicker length, as we all know what a big fan of shants I am. You can find the pattern I'm using here.

Lastly, I'm going to give this recycled messenger bag a shot. We have some vinyl signage lying around the office that should look pretty cool done up in this pattern.

Got your own bike related projects brewing? Make sure and throw them in the Flickr pool when you're done, so we can all take a peek.

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