The Elephant Taxi

Had a nice email from Benjamin Shine, who let me know that The Elephant Parade is getting underway in London. Above are pictures of Shine's entries, Elephant Chic and, my favorite, the solar powered Taxi Elephant, which resembles the classic black cabs that dot London's roadways. Here is more info on the event:
"The London Elephant Parade is raising awareness for the charity, Elephant Family which hopes to raise £2 million from the auction of these unique artistic representations of one of nature’s most endangered species. In the past century, numbers of the Asian elephant have tumbled from 250,000 to just 25,000 and if this trend continues, the species will be extinct by 2050.

Taking it's visual cues from the quintessentially British London black cab - Benjamin Shine's Taxi Elephant is glossy black with chrome detailing, headlamps for eyes and a Taxi sign on top. Powered by a solar-panel, the Taxi sign illuminates at various times throughout the day and night.

Having attracted a bidding battle ahead of the auction set for the end of June, Taxi Elephant has become a valuable asset to the charity and has been positioned at London's most secure location, The Royal Exchange under the presence of a 24 hour guard!

Sponsored by Sotheby's, it's hoped that Taxi Elephant will fetch a tidy sum towards the auction target of £2 million."


  1. OH that's my kinda taxi! I love this so much. thanks Paul xo

  2. teddybearswednesday - Yes! I love both elephants and taxi cabs too. What's better than a mash up like this? Thanks for the comment!