The Happy Journey Collective

Most coffin-based illustration you find on the internet usually has to do with the dark, gothic, bleak side of death. So, it's refreshing that theThe Happy Journey Collective has chosen to celebrate the lighter side of "crossing over" with a collaborative project involving illustrators all over the world. This from founder, Kate Slater:
"I was inspired by a Thomas Hardy poem, ”Transformations”, which describes wonderful metamorphosis in the reality of death and burial. The whole idea of ‘Happy Journey’ made me laugh and I wanted to create something joyful and celebratory rather than mournful."

You can visit the Happy Journey Collective here, and even take a crack at your own coffin design by downloading the template here.

via Escape From Illustration Island


  1. Oh I love happy coffins! When I was in secondary school we had to create tv ads. My friends and I decided upon 'The Death becomes Trendy Funeral Parlour'. We began all dressed in dark robes and a solemn explanation, then House of Pain - Jump Around kicked in, and one of my friends jumped out of our handmade coffin. Ours was cardboard with a shelf in the bottom, painted neon yellow and covered in neon green, orange, and pink swirls and stars. We also played catch with a giant papier mache champagne bottle and strawberry (they were the freebies we had on offer). I do miss school... :)

  2. dawn - Ha! I love it. House of Pain. One of my favorites. Thanks for the comment!

  3. that's so lionel hampton... ;) i'm totally ordering a lavender coffin and whichever beach boys are still alive... or cloned...