Hey, Ho, Let's Go!

During the month of June, I'm having a little show at Bean Traders Coffee Shop here in Durham (714 Ninth St). In preparation for the show, I'm working up a bunch of new paper cuts, including some more of my rock 'n' roll heroes like Johhny Ramone (above). Come out and get a cup of coffee and take a peek, if you find yourself in the area.


  1. Awesome, love the Johnny. Ever do Joey? Yeah, I know you can't put the two together as they may fight, or at least sit sullen not talking to each other. Biggest concert regret - missing Los Ramones in concert, last chance I had they were in New Orleans the weekend I was in Houston visiting a friend, then when I got home to NOLA they played in Houston.
    Side note - hoping to do a papercut soon of my late father in his Marine blues for my mom.

  2. FA - Working on Joey right now. Should finish him tonight. Also on the boiler : Dee Dee, Pete Townshend, Shane McGowan, and a new Joe Strummer.

    Pls. send pics of your papercut when you finish it!

  3. Will do, look forward to seeing the rest you do. Ramones are the anti-Spinal Tap, pretty much the only survivors are the drummers (minus CJ of course). First on my agenda this weekend is clearing my desk, all my horizontals have something on them....

  4. Love the blog.. love the ramones.. great pic!