Kickstand Coffee

3 dudes, 2 bikes, and a mobile coffee bar sounds like a genius idea to me. Although it's just in its infancy, I sincerely hope that kickstand coffee is a smashing success. I fit were up to me, I'd like to see a lot more of these clever, pedal-powered businesses cropping up. This from their press page:
"The founders Peter Castelein, Neal Olson and Aaron Davis—who have all worked with Gimee! Coffee—just finished their third weekend in business, but have already created quite the buzz. Their open air coffee theatrics have been providing delicious Chemex brewed coffee, from local roasters, to the sun soaking folks in McCarren Park and local craft fairs. However, once Kickstand gets cleared for a vendor license, there’s a good chance you’ll see their mobile, transforming bar—which was brilliantly engineered by Neal’s roommate Ben Schleif—showing up in other places around the city."

via Gizmodo


  1. I'd like to know

    (a) if they heat the water using a pedal-powered generator

    (b) what on earth happened with apostrophes in this post? They appear to have gone rogue.

  2. Slag-

    (b) Hahahaha! Thanks for catching that. I guess that's what happens when you write a post with 5 hours sleep.

    (a) They use propane at the moment and hand grind their coffee. They are looking for greener alternatives for a heat source, though. Do you know of a pedal-induced heating method?