Ol' Boot from the Dude Craft Flickr Pool

Ooh, I loves me some Flickr Pool! Found this beauty that does triple duty as a bookend, doorstop, or vase from artist, Pencilwit. This from the description:
"Old boot painted for a friend who loves horses. Painted the "portraits" to look like paint-by-number pieces then glued to the surface. Framed with thumb tacks and topped those with "whipped" paint for texture. Boot is weighted with plaster of paris for stability. A glass jar is added inside to make it a vase when desired. Otherwise it makes a great door stop or bookend. "

Nice job!


  1. Who doesn't love a touch of the quirky?!

  2. Fantastic use of form and function!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I have been recovering from a dibilitating movement disorder and trying little projects like this to slowly get my skills back in shape. It was a real boost to my self esteem to see it featured. I am a daily visiter and admire-er. Thanks!

  4. Pencilwit - My pleasure. I really like it! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing!