PO'ed Pete

 photo: Jeannette Grubb

Regular readers will know that I dig, and often feature, modifications of one kind or another. I like folks who have a vision and can take something that is sort of ho-hum and transform it into their dream thingamajig. Sometimes the results are awesome, sometimes it's a beautiful disaster, but it's always entertaining. So, when I saw Randy Grubb's 1965 Peterbilt Model 351 with a giant 12-cylinder, two-stroke diesel engine that he transformed into a hot rod, I immediately knew what post I'd be leading with today. 3000 hours,100,000 dollars, and a lot of elbow grease went into this baby. Worth it? I'll say.

via PopSci (Big thanks to Brian for the tip!)


  1. That is just sick! Amazing to see the YouTube vids of this engine revving up and all the offshoot diesel hot rods. I'd love to do crazy stuff like this, just have to find that hidden money tree and harvest it.

  2. FlamingAtheist - I hear you. I mean, where does one get $100,000 to build a sick diesel hot rod? Thanks for the comment!