Shapeways - Making Your 3D Drawings Come to Life

Am I late to this party? Why have I not heard of Shapeways, the company that let's users upload 3D drawings and then produces physical objects from said drawings, before? You can even sell your stuff in their shop, if you so choose. Neat!

via Core77


  1. Hey Dude,

    Thanks for mentioning Shapeways

    You could design a Ukulele microphone clip (or something) and get it 3D printed by Shapeways.

  2. 15 years ago I met a product engineer. He was working for a new company called Minimed, they were designing insulin pumps - to replace the many injections diabetics needed daily.
    He was very excited about this new technique, they would design the components on the computer and then it would be extruded in plastic. Made the whole R&D so much quicker, kinks in the system worked out without having to go through major production.
    All these years later, insulin pumps have become smaller better and more reliable.
    And the 3D printing is now a standard part of our world.