Some beautiful B&W photography of Afghanistan's emerging skateboard culture as documented by LA photographer, Noah Abrams. It's amazing to see these kids skating in the post-apocalyptic-looking landscape of a war torn country. Striking stuff.


  1. Cool...I think this ties into a story a friend wrote about the same topic.

    Also check out the video about the guy who takes passport photos on the streets of Jalalabad with an antique camera.

  2. I LOVE Afghanistan! I had the priviledge to visit the country in 2006 and I still rate it as one of the best experiences of my life. The people are amazing. I don't think anyone who hasn't been there can appreciate the odds they have to fight just to have a basic living standard. Just look at those eyes: they have soul...

  3. Thanks, Mike! I'll check out those links.

    Ansie - How lucky are you? I would love to go there.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Noah came over to assist with making the Skateistan documentary and had agreed not to release any images and give us all the images. We covered his flights and all expenses and he let us down big time. He didn't give us the images as promised and released these which are key to the film which we will release at Sundance next year. Noah is persona non grata with Skateistan.

    Oliver Percovich - Founder and Director of Skateistan

  5. Oliver - That's a very unfortunate situation. It sounds like your film and these photographs would have blended well, were it not for the falling out between you. Please keep us posted as to when we can catch your film. Would love to see it.