Tracing Light - The Work of Yuko Takada Keller

It seems that every day I have a new favorite paper artist. Today, that person is Yuko Takada Keller. Dig these pieces, all made out of tracing paper. Can you imagine the hours and care that must go into one of these? Mind boggling.

via Upon a Fold


  1. So much work! Astonishing results!

  2. Tim - Agreed. Thousands of little, delicate triangles. Amazing, no? Thanks for the comment!

  3. A Mazing S Pace

    I went to her web site and read alot of her "My Story". Then I saw her resume! Quite a list of accomplishments and beautiful pieces.

  4. Paper artists amaze me. Yuko Takada Teller is no different.
    You used the word "delicate," and yet it's got this volume that is the complete antithesis of the word. It's really incredible.