Ant Death, Folic Acid, and Family Portraiture

What does a guy do with 200,000 dead ants? Shame to toss them away, right? Well, if you're Chris Trueman, you make a portrait of your little brother with them. Destined to sell at auction for thousands of dollars 80 years from now, certainly.

via neatorama


  1. Several bloggers have asked me how I learned the papercut portraits that I learned from you. If you don't mind, I'd like to post a link to your video in which you teach this technique. You can see some of my portraits at the link below.

  2. I am not completely certain, but it would be FORMIC acid that would be coming from ants, not FOLIC.

  3. Thanks esbboston, you are correct, there were a few errors in the interview process. The painting has gotten quite a reaction: