Conquer Your Fear of Zippers

I do a good bit of sewing these days, but I gotta say, I avoid patterns with zippers like the plague. It's just one of those unnatural sewing fears that I've always had. Know what made me feel a lot better about it? This awesome article by Nicole Vasbinder.


  1. Wow, thanks for that I too might tackle the mighty zipper!

  2. There is nothing unnatural about the fear of zips Paul!
    But yes - excellent tutorial (and incredibly perfect stitching)

    And it always makes me happy to hear about men who sew...

    (as do my brothers and sons - must be some tailoring DNA there somewhere...)

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  4. I have that fear of zippers too! I think it has to do with not installing a new foot on my machine... (do I have that foot? Do I need to buy one? sigh)

  5. thanks for the mention Paul! Glad the tut was helpful!