LEGOs - The Solution to Most Things

So, what do you do if you're digging on one of the tweaky Park Planters over at Science and Sons, but you don't have the 150 clams to lay out for such high class decor? You build your own out of LEGOs, of course.

* WARNING: Some of the park planters on the Science and Sons website contain "adult themed" situations. Sorry for not catching that earlier.

via The Bob Blog


  1. A warning for graphic content on Science and Sons would have been nice. Now I am explaining to my child what the two pervs were doing. :(

  2. Hmmm...wondering if you ever read your comments

  3. Apologies, just saw that you did indeed read, and comment on the posting. phew!

  4. I read every comment and I strive to keep this blog clean.

  5. Omg!! paul promoting lego porn. im shaken, not by the pictures of wich i had the hardest time
    decifering as pornografic?
    Maybe said anonymous kids has a better imagination than i?
    But im struggeling hard to make any sense to
    why anybody would be getting harmfull about a
    picture of some square objects doing anything.
    Where do such persons find the courage to let their children use the satanic internet?
    I had no ideea coming here that this blog was controlled by the meanings of concervative christian fanatics.
    My understanding from coming here alot was that the blog was about art's and crafts.
    Now since early time beautyful marble sculptures and paintings have been depicting the nude human in various situations, i guess if it was up to the commentairy here this behaviour should be banned, yeah lets make some wars instead.
    And protect your precious children from the
    corrupting plastic art porn on the net. infact
    why not cover their eyes from birth, so they dont get exposed to reality.
    Sorry for the rant, but do you paul really find
    that art should be family oriented and "clean"
    in order to present it here?
    i see no disclaimer coming here saying that only deasent dressed art/sculptures are featured on this blog?
    I could just stay away, I admit that reading the comment here made me throw up a little.
    Sorry for those who got mental pictures of vomit from this "not really".

  6. Anonymous -

    First, thanks for the comment. I always appreciate engaging in conversations like this because it helps to clarify what the blog is about and how I choose to think about it.

    If I'm being honest, I had a pretty negative reaction to the first comment. First, because it was from someone named "anonymous", much like yours. Second, because I AM careful to keep this blog relatively kid friendly. Not because I'm conservative, (If you knew me, you'd know that I'm anything but), but because I know that some of my readers are six years old. Parents and kids connect through this blog. They get excited about stuff that I post and show it to each other. Teachers and students as well. I don't think the same would be true if I dropped the Eff Bomb all the time and posted more sexually charged content.

    I get the whole art purist thing. I'm from a family of artists, and I'm not talking about hobbyists here. I respect it, but that's not what this is. This is my blog called DudeCraft. It is a direct reflection of what I think is good, cool, and funny. I share that with people and, like any good dinner party, I try to keep things civil and appropriate to the situations I find myself in.

    Lastly, I'll say that I am sorry if the blog's content causes you any distress, but as you say, it is yours to read or ignore. It is my job and my job alone to act as steward for this little piece of the internet and I will continue to do so as I see fit.