Jake Stangel's Oregon Surf

I grew up surfing and skim boarding on the California coast and when I wasn't doing that, I was devouring surf and skate magazines, flipping through them for hours, looking at all the photos, imagining myself ripping at some far off location. So, when I saw Jake Stangel's series of photographs about surfing the Oregon coast, it brought back some familiar feelings. Far from your standard "in the pipe" surf photography, Stangel's work is, nonetheless, evocative of the feeling one gets as they stare out at a big set working its way to shore. Makes my heart pump just thinking about it. Beautiful.

via NotCot


  1. Sounds like you were doing the same thing I was as a child, except you were doing it better. I had no idea! These photographs are beautiful. There's nothing like solitude on a stretch of pristine coastline. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. A couple of those look familiar, maybe Short Sands and Indian Beach where I've surfed.