Sarah J. Coleman's Mockingbird

I was in the bookstore the other night and was admiring the 50th Anniversary cover design for To Kill a Mockingbird (paperback version), designed by Sarah J. Coleman. What a nerve-wracking task that must have been. I would have loved to have been in that meeting..."Okay, Sarah, we want you to take one of the most beloved books of all time and update it, you know, make it fresh." The very idea gives me stomach pains. I think she did a good job though. What say you?

via NotCot


  1. I just re-read it last month, and I think this cover does a good job bringing out the spooky aspect of the kids' relationship with the Radley house and Boo. And it's cool looking and nicely done.

    That said, my copy is an old puke yellow paperback with aging pages. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it's still *the* great American novel.

  2. I love it! It makes it look a little spooky - which is appropriate, in my opinion.

  3. Reminds me of Tim Burton! Especially the imagery in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  4. Looks great. It maintains a vintage feel while still giving it a sharp revision