Shinya Kimura's Beauty and Steel

If I'm remembering correctly, I first saw one of Shinya Kimura's motorcycles on a biker build off show on TLC when they used to have that kind of thing. First I was struck dumb by the absolute beauty of the machine itself, but what really sold me was Kimura's philosophy and passion about the craft. While most guys on that show were shooting for the bigger, meaner, more outrageous looks for their bikes, Kimura was quietly building these amazing sculptures that also happened to be motorcycles. The man is a true artist.

via The Selvedge Yard


  1. I agree with you this guys works is fabulous As a keen rider I would love to have just one ride on such a bike.

  2. Jodilee - You and me both. Even if they ride like crap, you'd feel so cool riding one of these. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Not only were the bikes amazing, the video was shot beautifully. I love seeing these sculptures come to life and roar.... very inspiring.

  4. Yes! Shinya is amazing! I remember that TLC episode quite fondly - he caressed that old knucklehead engine back to life, and took 2-3 hours hand-polishing the bare steel gas tank to a mirror finish. Thanks for posting this!

    Also, whoever did the sound for this video really knows what they're doing. Listen to it on a decent set of headphones and you'd swear you were riding those bikes or standing inches from those moving parts...