Tatted Up LEGOs

I'm loving this campaign for Pilot Ultra-Fine Ballpoint Pens, with points so fine, you can draw some awesome looking tattoos on all your LEGO characters. Sweet!

via BoingBoing


  1. Super anyone selling these...I want one !!

  2. Wow... that is some fine detail, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 2 things

    1. They sell the pens. I want some now.

    2. I clicked through to see the rest. Sad that in even in Lego world, the guys get to be strong and the woman gets sexualized. :P Otherwise, cool idea.

    No wait, 3.

    3. Your blog rocks. I don't know how you find all the stuff you do, but it's sweet.

  4. Elizabeth, I agree that there's something wrong about sexualizing female legos, but thanks for the awesome compliment on the blog!:-)

  5. Oh, tattoos on lil' Lego people; how sad, how very very sad.

  6. Hey, esbboston, I'm just wondering why every comment you make is negative? Am I missing the joke, or do you truly just not like the stuff I post? Truly curious here.

  7. The inkwork on these figs is very cool; however I have a feeling that they are not really lego minifigs. No pen point can go that fine.
    ... and Paul, I love your Blog!