Cents and Sensibility

Hello Dear Readers,

I thought I'd take a minute here to bend your ear about some changes I'm making to the site, very few of which will have any direct effect on you, save that you might be a little less annoyed when you log on.

Here's the deal: For the last year, DudeCraft has been hosting advertisements that appear at the top of the screen and also in the sidebar. Unfortunately, I have had very little control over what shows up, how much it blinks, and if it's even relevant to my audience. So, the long and short of it is, I've done away with them. To those of you who enjoyed watching the blinking pizza place ads and reading about invisible braces for teens, I apologize and hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

So, what happens now? For starters, I've instituted a monthly sponsorship program in which companies (for a ridiculously low price) can pay to sponsor Dude Craft for a month or longer. The fine folks over at Underground Signs were the first ones to take advantage of the offer, and we'd all appreciate it if you'd pop over and at least have a look at what they do (hint: it's pretty awesome).

Secondly, and also for a ridiculously low price, I will be selling twenty (and only twenty) advertising spaces that will appear in the right hand column to companies that I believe in and that I believe will be of interest to you. No blinking, no fluff, just valuable information. I will personally be vetting each company and encourage all applications from companies who think they might have the right stuff to fit in with the Dude Craft aesthetic. Each ad will be 200x200 pixels and, as I said, will be on the cheaper side of things, because advertising should be valuable to both the advertiser and the reader. And I believe that value is way more important than money. If your brand or company is interested in applying for one of the twenty spaces, please drop me an email at:

Okay, enough from me. As always, I welcome (really) any comments about the site and would love to hear what you think of this new plan.




  1. I guess my years of web browsing has trained me to ignore most adds, i dont even recall seeing any! Thanks for pointing out the new ones, these id actually go to :)

  2. That's awesome and a great deal for your advertisers as I'm more likely to visit a site I know is personally sponsoring you than a random ad google has decided I should enjoy (and never do...)

  3. saberstorm and craft collective - Thanks for the votes of confidence! I hope this new system serves my readers well and can also help out some small businesses.

  4. So I went to Underground signs and am now saving my pennies for one of those babies for my living room. I hope the rest of your sponsors are as fun.

  5. kayleendahling - Great! Glad you liked them. I think they are super-cool! Thanks for the comment.

  6. I'm just happy that you keep on bloggin' so for me, you can put anything here! I think that your decision is a good one, and if it is a win-win deal - good for all!

  7. Thanks Ulrika! Stockholm must be turning toward Fall at the moment. Any warm weather left? Say hello to Malin and her family down at Vette-Katten restaurant for me if you get the chance. I miss their coffee and dessert.

  8. Will do! Vetekatten is an institution for us cofee and "bulle"lovers! It's still warm during the day but at night it's cold and dark (but I love the fall, I'm from the north so...)