Deliberate Dining

Recycled materials aside, I would still want to eat on this "dinner barge" that has parked itself in Vancouver. This from the site:
"'plastic dining room' by vancouver-based office goodweather collective and loki ocean is a fully catered floating barge made out of recycled pop-bottles on vancouver's false creek. Constructed from nearly 1700 containers, the temporary pavilion is a fundraising project for the school of fish foundation, a local organization that aims to train and educate chefs around the world about ocean-friendly seafood."

via Design Boom


  1. Cool! How is it I live in Vancouver and haven't heard anything about it. Off to investigate...thanks for the share.

  2. I'll be passing this to a friend who is planning a trip to Vancouver. Very cool, indeed. Thanks.

  3. Ooh, if either of you end up eating there, let me know. I'm curious. Thanks for the comments!

  4. I ate there and it was amazing !!!! Excellent food, service, view, experience and great company. A must for anyone in Vancouver