Urban Nests

I'm digging this creative beautification/installation by Luzinterruptus in Madrid. Usually, I'm lukewarm on whimsy, but I like this a lot. This from the site:

"Walking through one of the most commercial areas of Madrid, Calle Preciados, our attention was drawn to these yellow ballswhich are put in place to avoid accidents with scaffolding joints.

There were so many of them installed that the gigantic, threatening metal tube structure had acquired, thanks to these striking points of color, a much more pleasing aspect and therefore we had the urge to stay and investigate the strange objects that people walking by were introducing into the holes.

And one warm night in July we decided to make them more visible so that people would notice, like us, what these insignificant, common objects brought to the aspect of a street under construction.

For our installation Urban Nests, we only had to populate the balls with 130 colored birds, that we left looking into the street from their makeshift homes in the scaffolding and of course light them, to achieve a warm, cozy atmosphere throughout the scaffolded area, inviting one to remain and contemplate such an unusual habitat."

via Wooster Collective

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