Art Guitars in Downtown Minneapolis

The electric guitar. Nothing is guaranteed to bring out the fourteen year-old boy in me faster than a wicked lookin' six stringer. I've also always loved the customization of anything, so the art guitar show going on now through September 30th at Grumpy's Downtown in Minneapolis seems a perfect match.

Also, OX-OP snagged a pretty impressive roster of artists to put their mark on these Waterstone Guitars including: Aesthetic Apparatus, Arbito, Brynn Arens, Kii Arens, Anthony Ausgang, Gary Baseman, Keith Brogdon, Andrew Brandou, CLUTTER Magazine, DALEK, Steve Ellis, Ed Fotheringham Ray Frenden, HAZE-XXL, Myles Karr, KOZIK, Jessie LeDoux, Little, Friends of Printmaking, Rob McBroom, Michael Motorcycle, Niagara, Juliette Oken, Martin Ontiveros, Plasticgod, Chris Reccardi, Chris Ryniak, Snaggs, Savanna Snow, Gary Taxali and Amanda Visell.

Grumpy’s Downtown
1111 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55415

Most of the guitars are on sale here.

Via World Famous Design Junkies


  1. DUDE !! I love the third psychedelic one...then again I'm a child of the 60s & I paint with vibrant colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bridget - I love that one too! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Very cool! Reminded me of some guitars I saw on the polymer clay daily blog, Hand Guitars, hand crafted guitars, decorated with polymer veneers :)