Full Metal Jacket

Artist Tine de Ruysser folds some amazing pieces. Maybe none more so than the folded metal jacket (pictured at top) that was part of her PhD project. Amazing stuff and, if you pop over to her site, don't stop with the metal section, there are more visual goodies to be found throughout. This from the site:
"belgian designer tine de ruysser focused on the creation of wearable metal origami for her PhD at the royal college of art in london. one of the products she developed for her project was this shoulder cape made from copper and polyester combined in a geometric folding pattern. the unique geometry of the cape allows it to conform to the wearer’s body,
fitting like a fabric rather than a solid metal. the materials consist of small squares and triangular forms made from sheet copper, connected together in a repeating pattern using the polyester. the shape of the metal gives the material its malleability. de ruysser created a number of other objects for her project including skirts, bracelets and bags."

via Design Boom

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