If I Had a Nickel...

The Chamberlains of Seattle spent 30 straight days and 13,650 nickels ($682.50) to complete the master bathroom floor of their dreams. That must have been an interesting bank transaction. You can imagine the tellers scratching their heads over this one. Nice looking though, eh?

via Apartment Therapy


  1. except nickel is i would not spent too much time in the shower ...

  2. isn't this also illegal?

  3. I would like to point out that nickels are very durable. this floor will last a long time and look good doing it.
    Also I destroy change for jewelry and it is just as legal as the machines that imprint pennies at tourist locations.
    plus, they did not destroy the change, they are just storing it on the floor. the grout could be broken and they could be spent again.

  4. Hana, it could be an incentive to not waste water. ;) Or just wear floppies.

  5. thanks for the clarification any2.


  6. nickel is phytotoxic - it is toxic to plants. And nickels are 75% copper, only 25% nickel. Really, if you think about it, the gov't wouldn't hand out something toxic to everyone and set themselves up for a lawsuit. Kids eat coins all of the time. Love the floor.

    1. ...except cigarettes to WWII, Korea, Vietnam troops :p

  7. I found a link to this site via another blog that I read, Epbot. On her Sept 28 post, she shows a desktop made from pennies-- you should check it out.