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If you didn't catch this post on Friday, you may not know what all this housewarming business is about. The Cliff Notes version is that I believe that you should be able to get a closer look at those businesses that are advertising on DudeCraft, welcome them to the neighborhood, and see what they're all about.

First up in the series, we have a little shop called Cosa Verde run by husband and wife team Liz Grotyohann and Jeff Fein-Worton. Here in their own words is a run down of how the shop started and what plans they have in the future...

"Our reasons for starting cosa verde were really twofold. I was creating recycled housewares and selling them on Etsy in my spare time, and I noticed how difficult it was for an individual artist to get her work seen out there in the wide wide internet. I also began to notice how so many artists were going the extra mile to incorporate sustainable materials into their work, but there was no online venue dedicated to handmade, eco-friendly goods.

The niche was there, but the real passion to go ahead and try to fill it came from the desire to collaborate with my husband, Jeff. My background is in graphic design, and Jeff’s is in computer science, so we have always wanted to build websites together. Finding a cause that we could believe in made that collaboration really special–in many ways, cosa verde is our “baby”. And building cosa verde made us realize how much we enjoy working together. We are now in the process of branching Super Runaway, cosa verde’s parent company, out into a full-service design company.

As for our goals with the site… we really hope to become the “go-to” site for sustainably handcrafted products. We are growing rapidly in our second year, which is very important because we want to give our artists the traffic they deserve, but it is also important to us that we don’t grow too much. We want to stay small and maintain the personal relationships that we’ve developed with many of our artists."

Which is why I thought Cosa Verde was such a great fit for the DudeCraft neighborhood. Liz and Jeff run an incredibly organized, well designed, easily searchable site that benefits both the artist and the consumer, with an emphasis on sustainable practices and recycled goods. If you haven't stopped by yet, please make plans to. I think you'll be impressed.

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