Meet the Sponsor - Neuron Rebellion

I apologize for being a few days late in introducing you to our next sponsor. There's been an epidemic of late summer colds going around and I fell victim to one earlier in the week. Nevertheless, here we are...

When Pat Mayer contacted me about being a sponsor on DudeCraft, I was really excited for two reasons, no, three reasons. First, I love her work. Second, she has an amazing story and last, she's (longtime friend, contributor, and genius) Steve Hoefer's sister.

Since her work pretty much speaks for itself, I'd like to excerpt part of her story here which is one of the most amazing components of this whole thing and what informs and inspires her work.

"It’s a brain thing. At it’s core, that’s what this whole “Neuron Rebellion” is all about. My brain makes me creative, but (pun intended) it’s also got a mind of it’s own.

My name is Pat and I was suddenly struck with a movement disorder in early December of 2007. And when I say “suddenly”, I mean like getting hit with a bolt of lightning when you didn’t even know it’s cloudy! BAM! In less than two weeks I went from more or less “normal” (hold your comments) to my arms, torso, legs, face, eyes, and neck doing what they wanted when they wanted. If I stayed in bed and didn’t exert myself I could minimize the symptoms.

I went to a couple of neurologists and even a movement disorder specialist who were unable to diagnose me. The “best” advice we got was “Wait and see if it goes away”. (Really? That’s all you got?) There were some periods of improvement, but after 18 months mostly spent in bed and then several months of a rock-bottom relapse, my wonderful husband decided enough was enough and got me to the Mayo Clinic.

They diagnosed me over the course of several days and after a subsequent week-long treatment, I am on the mend and never looking back! I can sit up, my hand isn’t shaking, cramping or moving without my telling it to…I can talk, I can walk without a cane and I’m out of bed more than I’m in it these days!

What was wrong? My brain was broken, and they rebooted it. Really. They labeled it a “Functional Movement Disorder”, which basically means my brain was okay hardware-wise, but was doing it’s own thing software-wise. In short, it had developed faulty patterns of working and I’m on the road of continually reminding it to do instead what it already knows how to do.

I started making Neurons in bed because I am an artist and I absolutely can’t stand to NOT make something. The first Neuron was a gift idea for a family member and then, I just couldn’t stop myself. And I at long last had a legitimate excuse to use a glue gun in bed.

These little stuffed creatures are the physical representation of the whacky brain firings I am plagued with. Hence the name: Neuron Rebellion! So I’m selling my neurons, baby, and using the proceeds to help pay the medical bills. But this site is not so much about the Neurons rebelling against me, as it is about me rebelling against the disorder. If you’ve faced long-term illness or life-disrupting obstacles, maybe you can relate. And if I can encourage you with my little Neurons, so much the better!"

I'm so glad to have Pat and Neuron Rebellion on board. Please give the site a visit when you get a chance. Pat has lots of Neurons to choose from, all reasonably priced and all with tons of character. Welcome to the neighborhood Pat!


  1. Not sure if my last comment posted, so I'll try again and apologize for repetitiveness.
    I'm sort of blown away to see there is another crafty sort with Functional Movement Disorder. I have the same diagnosis. It's great to see Pat is doing so well!

  2. SF - Wow! What are the chances? I emailed Pat your comment so she's sure to see it. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. I totally love this!! I was hit with a life changing illness where I urgently needed a lung transplant. My movement became breathless as every slight move meant I struggled whilst licing on 24hour oxygen therapy. Thats when I started sock toy making and card crafts!! Lovin' what you're doing :-) I use proceeds when possible to fundraise for organ donation and awareness!!

  4. This story is amazing. I have looked at the Neuron Rebellion site and will be passing it along on Facebook. Thanks for sharing this. --Curmade (formerly lemonbar77)