Meet the Sponsors

If you've been following along over the last week, you may have noticed (or read about) some changes to the site. All the blinky, low value, non-specific advertisements are gone and I have begun to hand pick a series of sponsors for the site. From this point forward, I want to handle what DudeCraft does with advertising differently than most sites do and so, here's the idea...

I feel, and I hope you do too, that DudeCraft seems more or less like a neighborhood. I think the word community has been trotted out so often that I hesitate to go there and, besides, I think the definition is different. I like neighborhood much better. I try very hard to make sure that everything that goes on the site...from the posts, to the tutorials, to the comments, somehow bring a bit of value to your day and to the neighborhood as a whole. I'd love it if the advertising would work the same way.

Now that I've begun to carefully pick advertisers for the site and not just take cash for space, I'd like you to feel like they are your neighbors as well. I have tried to pick companies with interesting stories that are run by interesting people who sell interesting things. In selecting these folks, I've also given a good deal of thought to what would be of the highest value to you, the reader.

So, with each new sponsor that comes on board, I'm going to throw a little house warming party with a series of posts called "Meet the Sponsor" so you can have a chance to put names to faces and to find out what these folks are thinking and how they do business. It is my sincere hope that you find them to be as cool and interesting as I do and that you'll not only patronize their businesses, but also welcome them to the neighborhood by filling the comments with questions and well wishes.

The series will start on Monday with a shop that I'm very excited about, Cosa Verde.


And if you'd like to become a DudeCraft sponsor, you can find out all about it here.


  1. I think the way you're handling sponsors/advertising on your blog is awesome! I wish more blogs would take this thoughtful and careful approach.

  2. Paul,
    This is great! House warming parties are always nice because you're sharing with neighbors and friends, celebrating new starts.