Movember - I've Donated My Face. Please Donate Some money.

I don't usually flog charities that I donate to or participate in on DudeCraft because I think it's just the wrong arena for it. But, I gotta say, I'm so excited about Movember that I had to put up a post to let you know about it.

In short, I have donated my face for the month of November to grow a moustache for men's health. Proceeds from this hairy marathon go directly to the LIVESTRONG and The Prostate Cancer Foundation. I've lost two friends to cancer this year and they both went young. If you've been touched by cancer in your family, please donate and let's move one step closer to finding a cure.

All you have to do is visit my page and click on "donate to me". Easy as that.

Being the secretly competitive sort, my goal is not only to surpass my team members' donation totals (hey, love you guys), but to smash them with the force of Thor's hammer. Please make my dreams come true and donate whatever you can to the cause. No need to wait until November to do so. You can donate starting today. Oh, and please hurry. My teammates are already kicking my butt.

As a special treat(?), I'll be keeping a moustache progress log here on DudeCraft during Movember, so you can see how the little critter is coming along.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.


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