Teak Hard Drive Enclosure

I often feature PC case mods around here, but I haven't seen too many portable hard drive case mods happening. Over at Lifehacker, reader Mike Osborne shares his process for turning his boring, black plastic drive into this much preferred hunk-o-teak design. Nice job Mike!

p.s. If you run into more cool portable hard drive mods, send 'em my way, wouldja? Thanks!

via Gizmodo


  1. Wow, that reminds me of the original wooden computer mouse prototype (part of the Computer History Museum's collection: ).

  2. That is very yummy, desks would look so much nicer with wooden elements rather than lots of grey plastic! I have no hard drive mods but this guy makes cute usb stick casings from wood
    I think they are rather lovely, having said that I also love my other half's plastic chewbacca usb stick :)

  3. Dawn - I like the tree gems. Thanks for the link and the comment!