The Vorticists - 1914 -1918

As a blogger with a taste for things global, I'm forever writing about cool stuff in far off places, like Brooklyn. So, it's especially exciting when I get to write about something that's happening right here at home.

Tonight, I'm headed over to the Nasher Museum of Art on Duke's campus to check out an exhibition of Vorticist paintings. You haven't heard of the Vorticists? Neither had I. Apparently, vorticism was a short lived anglo-american response to cubism and futurism during WW I. Here's the skinny:
"An abstracted figurative style, combining machine-age forms and the energetic imagery suggested by a vortex, Vorticism emerged in London at a moment when the staid English art scene had been jolted by the advent of French Cubism and Italian Futurism. Absorbing elements from both, but also defining themselves against these foreign idioms, Vorticism was a short-lived but pivotal modernist movement that spanned the years of World War I (1914-1918)."
The show runs through January 11th. If you happen to be passing through Durham and have an hour to kill in our beautiful little museum, check it out.

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