Buy An Ad, Do Some Good

If you're not hip to what 826 National is all about, click on the banner at the top of the page and find out about this fantastic and worthy organization. No need to advertise? You can still donate directly!


  1. hey Paul!
    I love the new ads that you've got going and if I had something worth promoting, I'd definitely come here first... You practice what you preach..which leads me to my question: you have an ad for Zen to Done. Is this something you have tried? The concept is appealing but I'm cautious around certain self help things. Just curious...

  2. Prez - Yeah man. I bought it first and I often read Leo's blog. I think he's distilled several systems down into something simpler. I'm not a big fan of productivity systems, but I like this one and Leo is a good guy. Plus, as those things go, it's cheap, you know? I wouldn't have it there if I hadn't bought it. Thanks for asking. I'm sure others are wondering the same thing.