The Famous Halloween Project

Started on Twitter about a month ago, I had this genius idea that we should form a group and try to get famous or relatively famous people to contribute pictures of themselves as kids in their Halloween costumes, just for fun.

Well, a group of about twenty of us set out to wrangle the most famous people we could think of that might still want to be involved in something silly like this. But a funny thing happened on the way the seems that famous people are really into this thing called "privacy" (never heard of it), and they kept saying no. We came very close on a few big fish only to be disappointed at the last second.

Still, it was loads of fun to try and we did manage to get a few folks with great pictures, so I consider the whole thing a whopping success. By far, the biggest star catcher was lily dustbin from Knit Hacker. The girl has wiles.

Without further ado, here's who Lily got:

from top to bottom:

1. Charles Spearin - Founding member of Do Make Say Think and KC Accidental
Contributes to Broken Social Scene and Valley of the Giants

2.  Thea Munster - Founder of the Toronto Zombie Walk
"October 1977 - Horror punk since age 4."

3.  Sam Goldberg - Member of Broken Social Scene

4.  Dallas Wherle - Bassist for the Constantines
"1983 was a good halloween.  cold but good."

5.  Kevin Drew - Musician and sogwriter, Member of Broken Social Scene

Way to go, Lily! Really fun to see all these folks in their childhood Halloween garb. Good score!

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