Halloween Memories - Josh Kornbluth


 Halloween super famous project girl, Cianna managed to snag a great story from writer, actor, and human being extraordinaire, Josh Kornbluth. Nice Going, C! Here's Josh's story:

"I don't remember what my costume was, but I do remember that it was in one of the two shopping bags I was carrying (the other bag had my overnight stuff).  I was walking from my mom's building to my dad's, in the early evening.  I recall feeling awkward about my age (12, maybe?), wondering whether I had become too old for this.  But I wanted candy, damn it -- and I was much more likely to get it by trick-or-treating in my father's building (populated by lots of young families) than in my mother's (old Jews, mostly, who probably wouldn't answer the door -- and if they did, would likely offer me something yucky, like a single, sticky "dietetic" coffee candy).  I had just rounded the corner to my dad's block when -- very suddenly -- a group of teenagers closed in on me.  One of them grabbed one of my shopping bags, and another grabbed the other other.  They laughed at me as I struggled to hold onto the bags -- which I refused to give up, no matter how hard they tugged.  A few years earlier, another group of teenagers (or -- wow -- maybe the same group?) had mugged me in front of my mom's building: I had happily let them take my violin.  But now something -- call it the Spirit of Halloween -- magically filled me with superhuman powers, not to mention superhuman stupidity: Was I really willing to risk getting beaten up -- knifed, even? -- just so I could hold onto my Halloween costume?  Yes, I was, apparently.  And eventually they gave up and just walked away.  So I guess, in effect, that year I was Superman -- only in disguise as your average mild-mannered, chubby, ambivalent Jewish kid."

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