Matte Magic Machine

Oh, come know I can't resist a pretty bike when I see one. Some people might consider it sacrilege to strip and modify a 1963 BMW Series 2 like this, but I think it's fantastic. Look at those rear shocks just sticking up like that! Awesome. If Steve McQueen had this baby in the Great Escape, he might have just gotten away clean.

This mod is brought to you by Blitz Motorcycles via NotCot


  1. I always appreciate "un-stocking" anything esp bikes and motorcycles. That is just plain SAUCY! Flat black anything is the easiest way to get my attention.


  2. I sent this link to my dad, a BMW aficionado, who replied with this.
    "In bike parlance this would be known as a "bobber". That is, everything that can be taken off the bike yet still allow it to run has been removed. This is an old "airhead" as evidenced by the oval shape of the valve covers. That would make it '50s or '60s vintage. The need to remove all that was to make it both faster and easier to brake."

  3. Yep, your dad would be right. Bobbers usually had the front fender removed and the rear fender "bobbed" (thus the name) and also had all superfluous parts removed to mike the bikes lighter. There are many wonderful examples if you do a Google image search. Not as many BMWs were bobbed as were Harleys and Triumphs. The predate the chopper by a few years.

  4. This is sick!! I love it.. I'm with 100poundsago: anything flat black is an attention getter for me.. which is odd, considering its SO non flashy that it's become flashy... Love it...