Movember Renderings

As the time draws near for me to begin growing my lip caterpillar for charity, my friend's daughter Lily has decided to graciously provide several renderings of what I might look like in each style of 'stache that you, the readers, have recommended. Notice, there are a couple that are left intentionally blank so you can add your own. Thanks Lily!

Hey, and don't forget...there's still plenty of time to sponsor me for Movember. My donations page is here. Let's get going on a cure!


  1. I hope you choose to grow the Salvador Dali style! I wonder where you buy mustache wax these days?

  2. Julie - I've seen enough guys around here with waxed mustaches, I'm sure it's readily available. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Is your hair-growng potent enough to change styles a bunch of times? One a week for November? We could vote at the end on which one we liked best. (Of course, I know you'll look great in ever style).

  4. Vikki - Actually, my 'stache growing prowess is pretty weak. We'll have to see.

  5. If you need mustache max, I recommend this stuff!

    A dancing hipster model dude told me about it. It's heavy duty stuff!

    I'd suggest a Fu Manchu, but you say that your 'stache-fu is weak...Hmmm....This should be remedied.