New Blog - Every Day is Awesome

Hello my people,

Because I'm out of my mind and because I've got things on my mind, I've opened up a new home in which to store some of my more lengthy writing (sort of like I used to do on Make and Meaning), and I couldn't be happier with it. The blog is called: Every Day is Awesome and I'm working on a book of the same name at the moment. The blog will be part random thoughts, and part testing ground for the book. I hope you'll become a partner and help me steer the ship with your comments and suggestions and arguments, just like you do here at DudeCraft.

I understand that some of you enjoy the "quick fix" that DudeCraft provides, and that's totally cool, but I also know that some of you miss Make and Meaning and have asked me about starting to write longer pieces again. Luckily, I can juggle both projects without either one suffering, so hopefully you'll feel like you can have the best of both worlds.

Here's an excerpt from the "about" page, so you can get an idea of what I'm up to:
"My trip is about changing the way I see things, and people, and situations. I’m taking a look inside my head and rooting around a little bit, tinkering with my assumptions and expectations about life. It’s a game of small adjustments, but one that is changing the way that I move through the world. I don’t claim to understand everything and I don’t really want to, to tell the truth. For me, it’s not about gathering knowledge or wisdom or anything else anymore. That stuff just happens naturally along the way. At this point, I've decided that what I am doing isn’t nearly as important to me as how I feel while I'm doing it. So, in essence, everything I do has the potential to be awesome. Awesome acts as the container, everything else goes inside. "
Please pop over when you get a chance.




  1. I'm very excited about this - awesome!

  2. Dude, every day is awesome! Heading there now.