Up on the Roof - Klaas Kuiken's Bird Houses

I love this idea of tile-integrated birdhouses from Dutch designer, Klaas Kuiken. I guess too many of these would get kind of messy, but I'd love to see a nesting colony on a roof built entirely of these.

via NotCot


  1. What a clever design..love the combination of aesthetics and function !! Ironically his name "kuiken" means chicken in both Dutch and Afrikaans..now THERE,s a bit of useless information ;-)

  2. That is a clever design! I think a whole roof of those migh get Hitchcockian, but it would be quite a sight!

  3. kerry- Not useless at all. I love stuff like that! Thanks.

    Perpetua - Give yourself two bonus points for using the word "Hitchcockian"!

    Thanks for the comments.