Wei Wei's Ceramic Seeds

Yes, that is a carpet of Sunflower seeds you see laid out in a gallery at the Tate modern. No, they are not real. Yes, they are individually hand painted porcelain replicas of the real thing. What?!?? This from the site:

"artist ai weiwei has filled the museum's turbine hall with millions of life-sized sunflower seed husks made out of porcelain. the collective effort of a number of specialists from jingdezhen, china, the hand-crafted seeds were individually formed and painted. the installation encourages visitors to touch and walk on the carpet of tiny replicates. "

via Design Boom


  1. I love the Tate modern, can't really afford the train right now, but so tempted to go to see this, it looks amazing :)

  2. There's an interesting podcast on this piece on The Guardian website:
    It does look and sound amazing.

  3. erasercarver - Thanks for the tip!

    Dawn - If you do go, let us know all about it!

  4. Wow. How very ... time consuming. Interesting...I think...but then anything that makes a person say, "Wait! Is that...? What is that?" is worth something. Any little jostle out of our daily grinding minds, is always worthwhile.

  5. Unfortunately you can't touch or walk on the seeds anymore. It was only interactive for a couple of days before the Tate modern had to stop people going on them due to worries about the amount of dust being generated being dangerous for the staff. Such a shame :(