The Bat Van

You just have to love Japanese modding culture. I mean, the extruded fiberglass industry must be rolling in dough over there. Topping the list of things I adore about their creative customizations are the over-the-top van mods that I've seen. Topping that list has got to be The Bat Van. Words escape me in the face of this glorious vehicle. Just look at those wings!

via Jalopnik and many more examples of crazy van mods at Speedhunters


  1. Yeah, but can it fit a stroller and eight bags of groceries in the back?

  2. Those, scooter mods and diesel mods are something else. I think we don't see a lot of this sort of crazy stuff in the US as we're so spread out that you rarely get concentrations of subcultures like that. Just pockets of it here and there.