Cosa Verde Supports Buy Nothing Day

Well, this is a first. Folks who sell things to make their living, telling you not to buy anything. See? This is why I love having them as a sponsor. Cosa Verde, you guys rock!

You can read their whole message here.


  1. Awesome!

    I didn't buy anything on the 26th, but did buy 2 small things for a handmade gift on the 27th. I regretted the decision to go get it as soon as I realized how long the lines were. Since I was there, I stuck it out. It was INSANE!

    However, I'm definitely blacking out the whole Thanksgiving weekend for shopping next year. I've never been much of a Christmas shopper since I started getting so frustrated with how people turn into complete idiots on those days. Handmade is much less expensive and much more thoughtful.

  2. Buy handmade!!!

    I joined in the throngs pledging to buy nothing on Black Friday, and even managed to put off buying gas for my car until the day after (when I had half a gallon left in my tank after getting home from work the night before!)