New Material from Kulla

Israeli-based, Kulla Design Studio has developed a new material using plastic bags and wood sawdust that doesn't use any adhesives to bind it together. I'm not so sure I'm digging the aesthetic result, but bravo for trying to use plastic bags for something other than non-biodegradable landfill. Now, what else can we use this stuff for? What is its strength and it's R value (thermal resistance)? Can we use it as sub-flooring for low cost housing? Oh, and what kind of gasses is it letting off when you "bake" it? A good start, Kulla, but still many questions to be answered.

via Design Boom


  1. I suppose you could dye or paint it if you don't like the "raw" look.

  2. It is impressive, and you do bring up good points about the gasses and strength. I imagine you could just as easy add dye or paint to the mixture before it hardens, staining the sawdust enough to color everything.

  3. Isn't this essentially what Trex decking material is?